CO2 Bewusstsein

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Cut your vehicle’s CO2 emissions when driving your car

There are a few easy things you can do when you drive and look after your car to help reduce the amount of fuel you burn and so cut down on CO2 emissions. The key is to reduce the amount of work your engine has to do, because the greater the workload, the more fuel is burned – so the higher the CO2 emissions. By following the smarter driving tips below you could cut your CO2 emissions by around 8% – equivalent to an annual fuel saving of up to one month per year.

Pump up your tyres

Inflating car tyres. Under-inflated tyres create more resistance when your car is moving. That means your engine has to work harder, so more fuel is used and more CO2 emissions are produced. Check and adjust your tyre pressures regularly and also before long journeys. This will also help to increase the life of your tyres.

Under-inflated tyres increase CO2 but over inflated tyres can be unsafe, so check your car manual for the correct tyre pressure. Remember, a car with a heavier load may need different air pressure in the tyres.“

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